JA 15                                                                                     Listino  ufficiale  .  6.220,00


The monoblock amplifiers JA15 is designed around a pushpull circuit with ultra linear operation. It can deliver 40 watts in class AB. Six tubes (three per channel) are involved in signal amplification: 4 x KT90 as power tubes and 2 x ECC83 drivers. On this model the plates are made of varnished and screen printed brass.


Type Push-pull / monoblock
Bias manuel
Power 40W class-AB
Bandwidth 20Hz to 40kHz
Sensibility 900 mV
Tubes list 4xKT88/KT90/KT120/6550, 2xECC83
Dimensions 48x15x20 cm
Weight 26 Kg per block
Consumption 110 W each channel zero signa


Jadis JA15 delivers a sound with high reactivity and punch; moreover the bass range is also free off any heaviness despite its relatively contained power output. This piece of equipmenthandles any speaker with a sufficient efficiency. Thanks to the Jadis oversized transformers. Stereophonic imaging is also really clear as much in depth as in width. There is no doubt that these mono blocks procure a great listening pleasure.