JADIS SE845NEC  2021                                                         Listino  ufficiale  €.  33.300,00

Il Jadis SE845NEC è stato progettato per soddisfare una domanda in naturale, dinamica e musicalità. Le scelte tecniche del suo design sono state fatte con questo in mente. Perché il Triode 845 sia efficiente, ha bisogno di un segnale di ingresso di ampiezza elevata con bassa impedenza. Il doppio triodo ECC83 è responsabile del guadagno di tensione mentre il 6SN7 adatta l'impedenza tra il driver e lo stadio di potenza.Amplificatore monofonico 20watt classe A triode single ended valvole 2 x 845, x2 6NS7, 2 x ECC83 Amplificatore  monofonico  40watt  classe  A  triode single ended  Specifiche: finale di potenza monoblocco pure in classe A- Bias : manuale -Potenza: 40+40w pura classe A-Risposta :20Hz - 22KHz-Telai :2-Sensibilita' : 1V- Valvole :845 x 4 EL84 x 4 ECC82 x 2 ECC83 x 2Dimensioni :680x300x290 mm- Peso :40 kg per telaio- Consumo: 230w

The 845NEC provides 40W per channel in pure class A using 1 ECC83, 1 ECC82 2 EL34 and 2 single ended 845NEC per channel.The 845 push-pull brings twice more power than the SE845 while keeping details and musicality.THE ULTIMATE LOW POWER PURE CLASS A MONOBLOCK AMPLIFIERThe Jadis 845NEC produces up to 40W per channel in pure class A. It works with an ECC83, an ECC82, two EL84 then two 845 tubes per channel. Its push / pull design allows it to offer twice as much power as the SE845 while keeping a detailed and musical sound. Each amplifier measures 27" x 12" x 12" and weighs 88 lbs.Offering the most luxurious and involving reproduction of music from the 845 output tube, the 845NEC monoblock amplifiers will bring out the most from any 90+ db efficient, non-reactive loudspeaker available.Transparency combined with effortless liquidity and dynamics are conveyed with an unmistakable emphasis of focus and space to render each and every musical experience as special.The SE 845 was designed in response to the demands for natural and dynamic musicality. The technical choices for this amplifier have been made with this requirement in mind. For the 845 triode to be effective, it needs an incoming signal of high amplitude under low impedance : The ECC 83 double triode ensures the gain in tension, while the 6SN7 ensures the impedance adaptation between the driver stage and the power stage. Type Triode single ended monoblock Bias Autobias Load impedance 1 to 16 Ω Power output 20W classA Input sensitivity 500mV input impedance >100KΩ Feedback ratio 0dBNumber of block 2 Tubes 2 x 845, x2 6NS7, 2 x ECC83 Dimensions 65x30x24 cm Consumption 200Wper unit Weight 35kg each



Type Pure class A monoblock power amplifier
Bias Automatic
Power 40+40 W
Bandwidth 20Hz à 22kHz
Number of blocks 2
Sensibility 1V
Tubes list POWER TUBES 845 x 4 EL84 x 4 ECC82 x 2 ECC83 x 2
Dimensions 680 x 300 x 290 each block
Weight 40Kg
Consumption 230 W per channel

When we last visited France we heard those those mono amps, which sounded so good that we are certain they represent without a doubt the very top of this application.
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