SE845NEC                                                                               Listino  ufficiale  €.  27.900,00

Amplificatore  monofonico  40watt  classe  A  triode single ended 


The 845NEC provides 40W per channel in pure class A using 1 ECC83, 1 ECC82 2 EL34 and 2 single ended 845NEC per channel.The 845 push-pull brings twice more power than the SE845 while keeping details and musicality.


Type Pure class A monoblock power amplifier
Bias Automatic
Power 160 W
Bandwidth 20Hz to 30 kHz
Number of blocks 4
Sensibility 1.2V
Tubes list POWER TUBES X 20 ECC82/12AU7 X 2 ECC83/12AX7 X 2
Dimensions 625 x 260 x 240 each block
Weight 125Kg
Consumption 440 W per channel

When we last visited France we heard those those mono amps, which sounded so good that we are certain they represent without a doubt the very top of this application.
"Absolute Sounds ltd"

Review "Haute Fidélité" (In French)