SE845                                                                                  Listino  ufficiale  .  22.250,00

Amplificatore  monofonico  20watt  classe  A  triode single ended 

The SE 845 design is in response to the demands for natural and dynamic musicality and the technical choices for this amplifier have been made with this requirement in mind. For the 845 triode to be effective, it needs an incoming signal of high amplitude under low impedance : The ECC 83 double triode ensures the gain in tension, while the 6SN7 ensures the impedance adaptation between the driver stage and the power stage.


Type Triode single ended monoblock
Bias Autobias
Power 20W class-A
Bandwidth 20Hz to 22kHz
Number of blocks 2
Sensibility 500mV
Tubes list POWER TUBES X 20 ECC82/12AU7 X 2 ECC83/12AX7 X 2
Dimensions 625 x 260 x 240 each block
Weight 125Kg
Consumption 440 W per channel

"These amplifiers bring an immense crushing breadth, a grandiose sound image which extends way beyond the bounds of the speakers and even of the listening room..."