PA100                                                                            Listino  ufficiale  €.  12.580,00

Ultima novita'  di  Jadis  e ' l'amplificatore  di  potenza  stereo PA100 . Il suo stadio di amplificazione ha 12 valvole ed ha una potenza di 150W fino alla classe AB. Il suo design e' il classico jadis   Targa d'oro anteriore, telaio di alta qualità, il cablaggio point-to-point, i trasformatori di uscita di massa e trasformatore di potenza. Per quanto riguarda le unità tutte Jadis 'il PA100 sono  fatte a mano in Villedubert nella regione del Languedoc

The new Jadis PA100 is a stereo power amplifier that uses 12 power tubes. It produces a total power output of 150W in AB class. At the first sight one can see that this power amplifier is definitely from the Jadis' line of products. Golden front plate, high quality chassis, point-to-point wiring, massive output transformers and power transformer. As for all Jadis' units the PA100 is handcrafted in Villedubert in the Languedoc area.


The PA100 with its comfortable power output will be able to handle any kind of speakers with ease. Wide and deep sound stage. Really pleasant on the medium, it is always a pleasure to listen good vocalize on a Jadis system, it is still the case with the PA100. Bass and treble are also perfectly transcribed. "The listening of these electronics (PA100 & PRE1) is to be remembered as one of the best that we were given to listen. Perhaps not the most refined when compared to direct heating triode single stage configuration but still really close to it. On the other hand, they take an uncontested advantage in terms of dynamic and power output. In the end, this duo is extremely musical and lively with an impressing tonal accuracy and punch. No need to focus to unscramble the message as it gets your attention by its communicative realism". Pierre Fontaine  Stereo Prestige et Image N°95 December 2014




AB CLASS POWER AMPLIFIER (Balanced or unbalanced version)






20Hz to 50kHz @-3dB



Number of blocks


Tubes list

12 X POWER TUBES (KT88/KT90/KT120) 4 X ECC83 2 X ECC82