JPS2                                                                                      Listino  ufficiale  €.  13.800,00



Il Jadis JPS2 è un preamplificatore linea che utilizza 3 ECC83 per la funzione di linea, più una valvola  ECC82 per adattare l'impedenza sull' igresso  CD. L'alimentatore specifico ricrea una tensione per il modulo con una frequenza di 80 Hz per evitare problemi che possono verificarsi a causa della frequenza 50 o 60 Hz dalla rete.Circuitazione Dual-Mono. Telecomando.Versione bilanciata 17.450,00 euro

The Jadis JPS2 is a line preamplifier which uses 3 ECC83 for the line function plus a ECC82 tube to adapt the impedance on the CD entry. Its specific power supply recreates a voltage for the module with a 80 Hz frequency in order to avoid problems that may occur due to the 50 or 60 Hz frequency from the main Msupply.The high voltage is regulated by two tubes: 1 x EF86 and 1 x EL84.

Impressively wide soundstage, it feels like pushing the walls, everything becomes clearer, easier. holographic! The build quality is superb and reliability is recognized by all. This preamplifier is clearly a reference among the best. MCf. essai "Haute Fidélité" n° 165 April 2011



Type Line preamplifier with separated power supply
Gain line 24dB - CD input 18dB
Input type 6 line, 1 tape monitoring
Bandwidth 20Hz to 740kz @-3dB
Number of blocks 2
Tubes list ECC82 X 1 ECC83 X 3 EF86 X 1 EL84 X 1
Dimensions 430 x 345 x 175 mm each
Weight 31kg
Consumption 60 W