JPL MKII                                                                                    Listino  ufficiale  €.  8.450,00


Preamplificatore stereo, il JPLMkII comprende 5 ingressi di linea e 1 tape  out. La versione MkII rappresentano un interessante aggiornamento della prima versione del JPL, è stato ottimizzato e l'alimentazione è ora al fine di migliorare la stabilità e  controllato  da una  valvola.

Built in stereo preamplifier, the JPLMkII includes 5 line imputs and one tape with monitoring. The MkII version represent an interesting update of the first version of the JPL, it has been optimised and the power supply is now tube regulated in order to improve the stability.

The JPL will bring you an inherent sense of dynamic gradation, but also soundstage transparency and mastery over the elements of spatial resolution.
I never felt that the Jadis was holding back or blunting the power and rise-time of orchestral peaks. I've never heard a preamp so convincingly delineate the dynamic range from soft to very loud.
This is one of those rare products guaranteed to dramatically improve your system. Be prepared for a dynamic eruption that will nudge you much closer to the illusion of live music.

"Reference product" from Haute fidélité magazine November 2016


Type Stereo line preamplifier
Gain 25dB(CD), 23dB(line)
Input type 4 line, 1 tape monitor
Bandwidth 20Hz-70KHz @-3dB
Number of blocks 1
Tubes list 1 x EL86, 1 x EF86 (power supply) 1 x ECC82 (CD) 3 x ECC83 (line)
Dimensions 440x 330x 210mm each
Weight 15 kg
Consumption 25W