JP500 MC                                                                                     Listino  ufficiale  . 41.750,00


La massima espressione della tecnnologia . Pre-amplificatore  linea  con uscita a trasformatori .The JP500 assolutamente  costruito  seza compromessi al servizio della riproduzione musicale. con ingressi  bilanciati e sbilanciati. 14dB di guadagno, 6 ingressi di linea, 2 uscite. Larghezza di banda 20 Hz - 50 kHz. Valvole : 6 ECC82, 2 ECC83, 2 EF86, 6 EL84. Un commutatore permette all'utente di cambiare la fase . Preamplificatore stereo, costruzione in 4 telai, dual mono,con stadi d'alimentazione separati a valvole. Solo ingressi ad alto Iivello, uscite sbilanciate e bilanciate.

The ultimate expression of the art. Line preamplifier with output transformers. The JP500 is an absolutely no compromises unit at the service of music reproduction. Builtin balanced and unbalanced capability. 14dB of gain, 6 line inputs, 2 outputs. Bandwidth 20 Hz 50kHz. Tube complement: 6 ECC82, 2 ECC83, 2 EF86, 6 EL84. A switch allows the user to change the abolute phase to his convenience. As it can be expected by its look and specifications, the Jadis JP500 sounds absolutely fabulous. It significantly improves any system it is connected to, giving the best from the sources and to the power amplifier. The JP500 is with no doubt the culmination of the quest for perfection.



Type Dual mono line preamplifier with separated power supply
Gain 20dB
Input type 5 line balanced or unbalanced
Sensibility 120 mV
Bandwidth 15Hz to 27 KHz @-3dB
Number of blocks 4
Tubes list 6 x ecc82 / 2 x ecc83 / 6 x EL 84 / 2 x EF 86
Dimensions 440x 330x 210mm each
Weight 60 kg
Consumption 250 W